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Cultural Landscape Inventories and Evaluations

Lloyd’s Gap Road, a section of the Trail of Tears in Tennessee.

As the U.S. population grows and development intensifies, the identification and evaluation of historic landscapes is increasingly critical to preservation planning. Cultural landscape inventories and evaluations are now frequent components of Section 106 reports and county-wide preservation efforts.

We are especially proud of our eight-state assessment of sites associated with the Cherokee Trail of Tears. Conducted for the National Park Service, the Trail of Tears survey includes roadbeds, campsites and ferry landings. Likewise, we surveyed the historic Natchez Trace, discovering and documenting lost sections of this 200-year-old road system. Most recently we floated downriver in canoes and traveled by horseback to complete a cultural landscape assessment of the Buffalo River National Park.

Because historic landscapes across the country are constantly being destroyed or altered beyond recognition, cultural landscape inventories have a powerful impact. These projects are often large, but we at Thomason and Associates have the experience and resources to manage the workflow cost-effectively.