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Cultural Resource Surveys

Cathedral of the Incarnation, Nashville, Tennessee.

Our country’s built environment is amazingly rich in its diversity of structures and architectural styles. We at Thomason and Associates are privileged to document this wealth of resources. During the past 25 years, we have surveyed more than 50,000 structures. These surveys encompass the full array of indigenous architectural styles and forms, including residential, commercial, public and industrial buildings and sites, both rural and urban. Many of our surveys result in the preparation of historic context studies and assessments of National Register eligibility.

We have completed citywide surveys and assessments in communities as diverse as Kansas City, Missouri, Oak Ridge, Tennessee, Jackson, Mississippi, and Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina.

Military Surveys

Military surveys are one of our specialties at Thomason and Associates. During recent years, we have inventoried more than 25 military installations from California to New York, including work for the Army, Navy, Air Force and National Guard.