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Breadth of Experience

Founded in 1982, we have more than 900 projects to our credit. From farmsteads in the South to courthouse squares in the Midwest and historic districts in the Northwest, on military installations across the country and on the streetscapes of America’s urban core, we have actively defined and articulated the inherent value of preservation as the field has evolved.


Our team includes preservation planners, architectural historians, researchers and associates at the forefront of preservation trends nationwide. We use our collective expertise to help you bring together the historical elements of your community to create a rich and robust future.

At Thomason and Associates, we measure our success by how well we help you identify the best of your historic resources and usher them into a vital and prosperous future.


Successful preservation solutions must be embraced by the many, not imposed by the few. For over 38 years, we at Thomason and Associates have helped communities develop consensus through public meetings, media use and educational efforts. When discussions are intense, we offer practical options and creative compromises that allow you and your community to generate economic well-being, enhance livability and realize your preservation goals.
We look forward to working with you soon.

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